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Nikon Inc. COOLPIX L620

Let the COOLPIX L620 do all the work as you capture stunning 18.1-megapixel photos and Full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound—detailed closeups from telephoto distances, wide group shots in dimly lit interiors, fast action shots on the sports field and more. An ergonomic design with a comfortable grip and a large 3.0-inch LCD display make it easy to frame shots with the powerful 14x Zoom NIKKOR glass lens; and a low-light CMOS image sensor makes it possible to shoot in more situations without a flash. Capture all the moments that matter.
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Customer Reviews for COOLPIX L620
Review 1 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5


PostedApril 4, 2014
AMAZING!!!!!!!! There is no other way to explain it
Review 2 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5

Easy to use

PostedDecember 15, 2013
Location Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Age 55-65
Nikon Family 2-5 years
Experience Less than a month
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
I'm replacing my L18 after 5 years of great point and shoot happiness. Okay, some shots failed miserably, but doesn't that happen with any camera? Wink, wink: it isn't always the camera.
The L620 operation is very similar to the L18's in the button layout, etc. However, I have been very pleased with my first stab at using close-up that never seemed to be quite right with the L18. And the colors -- much more true. I've tried out the panoramic, both 180 and 360, and I am pleased with the clarity when zooming in on a shot afterwards. I have yet to shoot a video but the one touch button is very nice. Everything is much more intuitive on the L620 than on the L18 even though the layout is largely the same. Zoom is great -- clarity again is very good and some random zooms of the sky gave me clouds and sky like I have never seen. View NX2 was easy to install -- I'm using an older Mac (5 years old).
View NX2 is easy to use, too, but I'm just beginning to learn how to use it. I have been using iPhoto almost exclusively so View NX2 should be fun to learn. And with the control key, I just select the pictures I want from View NX2 and drag them to iPhoto on my Mac so that I can make comparisons. I've already seen that viewing in the View NX2 is much, much better (it just makes me want to buy a newer higher def Mac).
This time I went with a black camera instead of red -- it just looks more like a real camera! I can still carry it in my cargo shorts pocket. It's a great camera, a great value, and it does take great pictures. There are a lot of features to use that I have not yet been able to try -- I look forward to testing out the selective coloring (not sure why i want to do that but I have some ideas about that).
Here's a pic I took today using "scene close-up" and that I cropped later. The detail of the veins in the brown leaf are good, but look at the "cells" of the leaf. This is all natural lighting, no changes made except for the cropping.
Happy holidays! I'd rather be taking pictures than shopping! LOL
Review 3 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5

Great Camera! (Software works fine on Macbook Pro)

PostedNovember 8, 2013
Location New York
Age 18-24
Favorite Subject Travel
Nikon Family 0-1 years
Experience Less than a month
Role Occasional user, memory keeper
Pros: Size, Quality Photos/Videos, Easy to Use, Multiple Strap Placements, Pop-up Flash, Auto Off, Comfortable to Hold, Price, Software Included (to edit and do other thing with) in the Box, One-Touch Record
Cons: Takes AA Batteries, Sometimes Mild Color "Wash Out" (But it's not that bad)
Bought the camera to take on a study abroad trip with my college and I think it will be just great. The pictures look pretty clear and the videos are phenomenal. I mostly got this so that I could record more than take photographs but I wanted a camera that could do both quite easily while being easy to carry around. I had considered another Nikon but when I saw the L620 I changed my mind almost instantly. The zoom is awesome and is pretty smooth while the auto focus does take a tiny bit longer than I believe is necessary but works really well once focused.
The strap that came with the camera was a nice match as well and it's a bit of a larger strap so it will fit many people comfortable (although I have small hands so the strap is a little too bit but that's not something I'm complaining about). The pop-up flash is also very nice and easy to figure out. The finish is a nice solid black color (more like a matte finish rather than glossy) with a rubbery grip on one side - which flows smoothly and fits very ergonomically in the user's hand. I also love the fact that there are two spots where you can attach the hand strap to, the top left and the top right. While it's easier to use in the right hand it does make it nice for those who are left handed and would like the strap on that side. Camera works well with a universal tripod as well it just is a little bit off center (the universal screw-in port on the bottom of the camera is closer to the left (if you are looking at the back of the camera) than the center of the camera) but it doesn't throw off it's balance or level at all.
The flash is really bright and very quick, it makes for very nice photos without distorting the colors much as I noticed with a few other cameras I looked at. The photos are pretty good, I noticed a little "distortion" or "wash out" of the colors but was able to fix that by simply changing my angle slightly, then they came out beautifully. I was able to take some very nice pictures of my fiancé, my dog, and my house. I have not printed them but I think they will come out quite decently. As I stated before, the video is really good for this size of a camera, which is what made me fall in love with it. The 18.1 MegaPixels really show what they are worth in the video department and it was super easy to just press the record button to start video recording instead of having to change modes within the camera directly!
The software that came with the camera did not pose any problems for my Macbook Pro. It installed within about 5 minutes and started working right away. I haven't played around with it long enough to see how it really works on editing (and the other things it does {I'm sorry I'm not much of an editing person}) but from what I have done it works fine with no repercussions to the device or my computer. It even worked pretty well with photos from my previous camera, which was pretty neat.
This camera is great for someone who just loves to take photos as a hobby but wants quality photos and wants to take some really awesome videos as well. The interface is very very simple and needs little instruction on how to use it (which I loved because I hate reading guides). I think the only thing that I really didn't like about the camera is that it takes AA batteries (I am very used to a L-ion battery that came with a charger for my last camera), although apparently you can buy rechargeable ones and set the camera to use them? I haven't quite looked into it that far but will do so soon, because I plan on getting rechargeable batteries if I can.
I tried to touch on every aspect and be pretty thorough so I hope this helps with your decision. Sorry if I missed anything!
Review 4 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
4 / 5
4 / 5

Two major problems.

PostedJanuary 4, 2014
Location Deland, Florida
Age Over 65
Favorite Subject Nature
Nikon Family 21+ years
Experience Less than a month
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
User submitted photo
First, the battery compartment cover, I feel will not hold up very long due to the fact you have to force it closed because the batteries are not secured as in all other Nikon cameras.
Second, the flash has to be raised manually to use. I am sure many, many photos will be lost due to this problem.
Review 5 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5

Disappointing Image Quality

PostedNovember 29, 2013
Location Laurel, MD, USA
Age 55-65
Favorite Subject Landscape
Nikon Family 11-20 years
Experience Less than a month
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
User submitted photo
This is my 5th Nikon digital camera over the past 10 yrs, including two digital SLR bodies I use for better photography. Many times I can't or don't want to haul the SLR bodies and lenses, so I like having a small point-and-shoot camera, too. I got this L620 to replace a Coolpix L3 I bought in '08. I wanted a camera with better low light performance than the L3, image stabilization, and additional user control. A P7800 would've been ideal, but I didn't want to spend that much money, so this was an admitted compromise.
I have yet to fully test the camera, having only shot about 50 images, and only shot one short video, but so far I am unimpressed. The biggest problem is the color saturation and balance. Many of the images I've taken in open shade or under cloudy conditions using the auto features are "washed out," unlike with the L3. It doesn't appear to be an overexposure tendency, an issue I had with my D40. Rather, it may be the auto white balance or even the CMOS sensor itself, as some reds have a clear magenta cast, too. (See attached image, shot on overcast day, using auto features in closeup mode. The actual leaves were an intense crimson that really stood out against the background.) I certainly don't want to have to manually adjust lots of images on my computer to make them look right, but so far, about half of what I shot needs adjustment. The funny thing is that the images look good on the monitor, but once the exposure is recorded, the replay shows obvious differences. Indoor photos under artificial light don't seem to have the same problem.
For my purposes, the 4M pixels (2272x1704, 1 MB file size) option is what I will likely shoot at most often. So far, I've only tried 8M and 4M. All modes but one shoot at a 4:3 aspect ratio, and that other mode shoots at 16:9. I would prefer an option to shoot at the 3:2 ratio used by my SLRs, since that transfers directly to the most common 4x6 paper size without cropping.
Like the L3 before, the auto program tends to choose low ISO sensitivities and slow shutter speeds. I tried shooting my dogs playing outdoors in open shade and all the motion was blurred, as the camera chose ISO 125 and a shutter speed of 1/50 (f/3.9). I have not tried the Sports auto mode, yet, but I could manually up the ISO to 400 and sometimes get a 1/125 shutter speed. The L620 doesn't offer shutter or aperture priority.
The 14x zoom range is nice, but any zooming in still mode requires 2-3 sec. for the autofocus to readjust, so you can't really follow a subject by zooming when taking photos. However, zooming in video mode does not seem to immediately throw the camera out of focus.
The camera comes with two AA alkaline batteries that were exhausted in only 50 shots (10% of which used flash). I have yet to fully test the rechargable Ni-MH cells I bought. I like the fact that it takes AA cells, as it is easy to carry spares, but if you can only get 50-100 shots per pair of batteries, that would be annoying. I also bought the recommended 16GB SDHC card. At 4 megapixels, that will hold ~9,000 images, or up to ~30 min. of video.
The camera arrived with a small defect (surface nick) in the monitor screen, but it doesn't affect performance.
Review 6 for COOLPIX L620
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5

Software is junk, camera okay

PostedSeptember 23, 2013
Location Nebraska, USA
Age 35-44
Favorite Subject Nature
Nikon Family 0-1 years
Experience Less than a month
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
The software that came with this camera is poor. When I tried to install it shut down my computer without any warning. I lost several files due to this unexpected shut down and when the computer restarted it was operating horribly, everything was slow and the CPU was at maximum usage. When I finally got the installer to work my computers antivirus system crashed (Norton mysteriously was missing critical files). Then I was stuck with a computer that was using all of its CPU and still attempting to install the viewer software. Finally after about 45 minutes the software installed and I got control of my computer back. As far as the camera is concerned it was very easy to use, has a decent zoom lens, and takes quality photos. That being said it would be even better if the colors didn't wash out and you actually got the colors and composition you see in the display. The auto focus stinks if shooting through glass or fencing (ie. the zoo#. Overall I have had $50 cameras work as good as this $300 camera, the only improvement being a little less grainy image #18.1 megapixels). This was my first Nikon purchase in many years but I don't think I will bother again.