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Nikon Inc. GP-1A GPS Unit

Geotags can be added to your images so you can record latitude, longitude, altitude and time information.
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Customer Reviews for GP-1A GPS Unit
Review 1 for GP-1A GPS Unit
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5

Does its Job

PostedNovember 5, 2013
Location Arizona, USA
Age 55-65
Favorite Subject Landscape
Nikon Family 2-5 years
Experience 3-6 months
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
I use this unit on my D7100 mounted on the hotshoe. The cable attaches to a side port. It sometimes takes a few seconds (up to about 30, depending on conditions) to acquire a satellite lock but once it does I've found it to be extremely accurate. Surprisingly it seems to have no issues acquiring a lock indoors in my home (single level).
GPS should come internal to the camera but the fact that it doesn't isn't a fault of this unit, it functions as designed. I've mounted it on the camera strap before and it worked well there, too. The cable is stiff and doesn't flop around. Give this unit decent care as you do your multi-thousand dollar camera and lenses and it should serve you well.
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Review 2 for GP-1A GPS Unit
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5

GPS Information Inaccurate

PostedMarch 23, 2015
Age 45-54
Favorite Subject Nature
Nikon Family 11-20 years
Experience Less than a month
I don't know that I have ever written a review about any product I have purchased which I thought performed well, so that is unfair of me to only write reviews when I don't like something.
I thought this unit would be useful, even given all the negative reviews. It is possible I may still use this unit since Nikon Store will not take it back. To make this unit useful I'm going to need to buy a second GPS device, such as a Garmin hiking unit, so that I can occasionally record accurate information which I can use as a crosscheck. And there is the problem. The Nikon GP-1A does not record accurate information.
I went for a hike at Mount Whitney, CA, first real outing with this GPS unit. The parking lot at Mount Whitney Portal is well documented at being 8360 feet. The highest altitude recorded by the Nikon GPS unit was 7900 feet. I estimate all the altitude information tagged onto my photos was about 1000 feet low. This is unacceptable in my opinion. I found myself going through my photos and deleting all the altitude information tagged onto them. Doesn't this seem a bit ridiculous to buy a unit to record location information and then find yourself spending time removing it. I did keep the latitude and longitude information, except in one case where it was obviously incorrect.
How do I use the GPS unit?
I don't keep the camera on all the time, so the GPS unit needs to reinitialize whenever I turn the camera on. I didn't watch the green light indicator on the GPS unit, I can only assume given the inaccurate data recorded that it was only picking up 3 satellites, perhaps if I had left it on longer it would have done better.
The stats: 8 pictures tagged with GPS data; 7 pictures with correct latitude longitude (to within what accuracy I don't know, but 7 were in the area), 8 pictures with incorrect altitude, the highest altitude recorded was 500 feet below the parking lot I started hiking from.
Review 3 for GP-1A GPS Unit
Overall rating 
1 / 5
1 / 5

Very Disappointed

PostedMarch 21, 2013
Location Cincinnati, OH, USA
Age Over 65
Favorite Subject Landscape
Nikon Family 21+ years
Experience Less than a month
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
I just finished a 15 day “field test” of the GP-1A GPS on my D-600.
I was very disappointed in the performance I received from the GP-1A unit.
To minimize some of the damage potential mentioned in another review I mounted the unit on the camera strap, then coiled and “twist-tied” the excess GP1-CA90 connecting cable. This worked okay but the GP-1A unit would bump up against my forehead while shooting. Eventually I became accustomed to this annoyance.
To enhance battery life while hiking I did not leave the camera full time in the “On” position. However I did always turn the camera on several minutes in advance of shooting. Frequently, even after five minutes or more, the GPS unit never acquired the necessary satellite signals and continued to Blink Red. Occasionally it would show Solid Green for a few seconds and then revert to Blinking Red.
While hiking it was almost impossible to get Solid Green.
After 15 days and 1,648 photos taken on the D600 with the GP-1A GPS attached my results were 966 images (~60%) geotagged (as shown by Places in Aperture 3). All but seven of the photos geotagged appeared to in the correct location. The locations referenced in the seven errors were all off by more than 100 miles each.
So how does the Nikon unit stack up to others? I also had along a recent model unnamed “point and shoot” camera (approximate camera cost of $390) with an internal GPS. As with my Nikon D600 I did not leave the camera in the “On” position – but turned it on prior to use. Of the 935 photos taken with this camera 837 (~90%) were properly geotagged.
In addition my wife and I both had our smart phones with us. My wife took 498 photos of which 493 (~99%) were properly geotagged, and I took 49 photos of which all 49 (100%) were properly geotagged. The phones were left on between shoots.
I have been an avid and loyal Nikon user since 1971. I like others enjoy geotagging photos. In my opinion the GP-1A GPS is not ready for sale. But for a loyal Nikon customer that wants to geotag, what other option do I have?
Review 4 for GP-1A GPS Unit
Overall rating 
1 / 5
1 / 5

Cable needs to be redesigned!!

PostedSeptember 29, 2012
Location Ontario, Canada
Favorite Subject Travel
Nikon Family 21+ years
Experience More than a year
Role Serious passion, hobbyist
Has the same cable as GP-1.
Will have damage to the connector or worse to the camera port as with my D7000.
I do a lot of travel and is a great feature to have the geotags on the photos but not at the expense of having your camera damaged due to a bump on a busy street or tourist attraction.
I will not use this on my D600 until there is a new cable design!!